A Constitutional Crisis Is Already Happening

A Constitutional Crisis Is Already Happening





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America is not facing a looming constitutional crisis, the nation is fully immersed in one right now.  

Let’s examine the record. This is a president who has continuously violated the Separation of church and state by suggesting that America is a Christian nation. The recent embassy move to Jerusalem was an act of Christian nationalism.

Banning refugees and other travelers from primarily Muslim nations in the name of national security is a clear violation of the First Amendment. 

Interfering with Justice Department investigations, demanding loyalty oaths from high ranking officials inside the FBI, and using social media to demean and discredit other intelligence agencies all violate a core democratic principle; namely separation of powers. 

Building a border wall to keep out migrants, asylum seekers, immigrants, and anyone who does not have citizenship status already is a violation of longstanding treaties; it also disintegrates goodwill between neighboring allies.

Calling for the investigation, prosecution, and imprisonment of political opponents is a clear violation of every democratic norm known to civilized governments. Only dictators do that sort of thing.

Promoting the use of interrogation methods far worse than waterboarding is not only a clear violation of international laws against torture, it usurps the right of every suspect to have a fair trial, protection under the law, and freedom from inhumane search and seizure. 

And deploying missiles on nations in undeclared wars ignores the role of Congress and makes a mockery out of checks and balances.

Without these systems in place, there is very little that can halt the decent into tyranny. 


George Cassidy Payne is a freelance writer, domestic violence counselor, and adjunct professor of philosophy at SUNY. He lives and works in Rochester, NY.