Youth Journalism Program

Youth Journalism Program



Hello Rochester and Community,

I first want to thank GOD for guiding me in the right direction. Secondly, want to thank my team. If it was not for the people that I have… none of this would be possible. And last but not least… the community. I want to thank the Warren Administration and the R Center’s for the opportunity to work and engage the youth within the community. It is and will always be a pleasure to work with our youth. Our youth… Our future. Rochester has a pool of talented kids that do not have an outlet to express themselves maybe through art, writing, or just doing something creative. L.Y.F.E. Multimedia Group created a youth journalism program five(5) years ago to help the youth be creative, teach critical thinking, become leaders, and team players.

It is always a great pleasure working with our youth. Young people never seems to amaze me! When kids are given an opportunity to be themselves… they can become very creative. Give them a pencil and paper… they can write a book.



Kenny F. Jean



L.Y.F.E Multimedia Group

Youth Photo Journalism Program

Winter/Spring 2017/2018

David Gantt R Center

Our Voice- The Magazine Team hope you had a good winter/spring, and now preparing for summer! We have partnered with the City of Rochester R Center’s to create youth engagement. Our youth engage in learning activities that allow them to express themselves through writing, art, and critical thinking.

Our Voice strives to ignite youth involvement in the community with its innovative design and creative cultural content that will expose them to the history of the neighborhood and excite them to participate in its future.

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