Massive downtown fire displaces more than 2 dozen

Massive downtown fire displaces more than 2 dozen



By Spectrum News Staff


ROCHESTER, N.Y. — More than two dozen people were impacted by an early morning fire in downtown Rochester.

“I think it is a miracle honestly,” said resident Cade Krueger. “I think God woke me up. I think it was supernatural. I am just glad we all got out.

The Rochester fire department says they were called to the scene on South Avenue Extension where there was fire coming from the back of the building.

They say it appears the fire started in the patio of a restaurant and spread up the walls of that and a neighboring building.

The fire was put under control in about a half hour by firefighters and the building’s sprinkler system.


It’s unclear how the fire started and everyone was able to get out safely.

One of the residents in the building next door says he woke up on his own to see the orange glow of the fire outside his apartment.  That’s when he says he called the fire department, pulled the fire alarm and started knocking on doors to wake people up to get them out.

“I am glad that everybody came out, we have about 19 apartments and probably 38 poeple living there including four children,” said resident Sade Begley. “Everybody was OK and yeah, it was neighbors helping neighbors and getting each other out and I am glad we had a quick response, but I wish we were proactive in this and not reactive.”