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Sensuous Satiables



By Yolanda Clark

Go to almost any corner store or boutique in the city of Rochester and you may find a small display of scented oils to be worn on your skin. However, there is another shop in the 19th Ward of the city called Sensuous Satiables that specializes in essential, fragrance, aromatherapy and massage oils. Sensuous Satiables is located at 659 Thurston Rd.

The owner, Charlotte Thomas-Burch says she decided to go into business for herself selling oils because of her brother.”I actually started selling oils because my brother used to wear them and the oils smelled really good”. By the age of 28, Charlotte said she had gone through so many different jobs she figured if she could create a job, then she could stop looking for one. So, 25 years ago Charlotte stated her first business with the first location being in her apartment. Since then the business has been growing and thriving. The name itself is very unique and when asked how the name was chosen, she said, ” I wanted a name that reflected how people feel. Sensuous means of the senses and satiable means satisfied, and that’s how I came up with the name”.

Over the years, Sensuous Satiables has changed locations. However, long time customers have followed her no matter where she is. One of the reasons for this undying loyalty is the quality of the products as well as the excellent customer service that Charlotte provides and if a certain oil is out of stock, Charlotte gladly orders more. ” I have to keep certain oils on hand for long time customers, they want what they want”. As the selection of oils keep expanding, so does the number of new clients. When people are really satisfied with the overall service that is provided, they tend to share with others.

Whenever you walk into the shop, you will always find a variety of things that is sure to pique your interest. From oils to insence, clothes, jewelry and so much more. What’s next for Sensuous Satiables? Charlotte says she wants to develop ways to freshen homes and cars based on the oils that are sold inthe shop, and she would also like to increase her mobility and how her products reach people.

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