U of R Student Cited For Putting Up White Supremacy Stickers

U of R Student Cited For Putting Up White Supremacy Stickers


By Spectrum News Staff

Brighton police have ticketed a University of Rochester student for allegedly putting up stickers advocating white supremacy in the town.

Three stickers advocating for white nationalism were found in October. The first sticker, which included a white supremacy symbol, was reported by staffers who saw the sticker outside of the town hall building. The other two stickers were found in a bathroom of a local restaurant and on a utility pole. 

Police confirmed Monday that forensics investigators identified characteristics that led them to 23-year-old Christopher Hodgman, who is not from the Rochester area. 

The suspect has since been cited for three violations under Brighton Town Code.

A statement released Monday by a university spokesperson condemed the act:

“The flyers are associated with Identity Evropa, a white nationalist organization identified by the Southern Poverty Law Center as a hate group.

The University has made clear its commitment to diversity, inclusion, and respect. We unequivocally condemn acts of hatred or intimidation. University community members are strongly encouraged to report any incidents motivated by discrimination of a person or target group.”