Prospect Profile: Oklahoma Tackle Cody Ford

Prospect Profile: Oklahoma Tackle Cody Ford


By Jon Scott

Being versatile is widely praised by the Bills brass, but it can be somewhat of a blessing and a curse for a player transitioning from the college game.

Oklahoma’s Cody Ford spent the majority of his time with the Sooners at guard before moving to tackle last season. But while Ford can play both, he does have a preference.

“Personally, I feel better on the outside, but talking to teams throughout the week has pretty much been ‘can we use you anywhere,’ ” Ford said. “That’s what the talk’s been, and I’m OK with that.”

The question is which position best transitions for Ford at the next level.

He’s massive — 6 feet, 4 inches and a little heavier than 330 pounds — and he can move. Some experts see him turning into an elite guard, while knowing the value is best at tackle, where he earned third-team All-American honors last year.

Regardless of the where he ends up playing, Ford understands there will be steps to take upon entering the NFL.

“For me, the toughest transition with that might be just getting into a stance every play,” he said. “Playing at Oklahoma I’m in the two-point every play. Especially on third downs, sometimes you may be in a three-point, but at Oklahoma we’re always in a two. So I think the stance for me will be the biggest transition.”

Whether viewed as a tackle or guard, Ford isn’t considered at the top of the list in the class, but still is looking like a first-to-second-round selection.