Racist Attacks Push Student to File Claim Against Pittsford Schools

Racist Attacks Push Student to File Claim Against Pittsford Schools


By Spectrum News Staff

A Pittsford Mendon High School student has filed a notice of claim, planning to sue the Pittsford Central School District over alleged racist attacks.

The notice of claim alleges that a biracial student was repeatedly bullied by another student, using the N-word multiple times, calling the student “a monkey” in another instance, among other verbal attacks.

The claim states that school district officials, specifially Pittsford Mendon High School principal Melissa Julian and district superintendent Michael Pero, failed to remedy the situation despite promising to do so.

The claim goes on to say that the bullied student suffered emotional trauma, embarassment, humiliation, extreme emotional stress, and that she experienced a drop in grades, as she was taken out of many classes for meetings to be questioned about the various racially-charged incidents.

Aside from the notice of claim, Pero also says a Mendon High School student found racist symbols and language written on a classroom desk.  

A petition is now circulating with dozens of signatures, asking to hold community leaders accountable.

Pero issued a statement about the vandalism saying in part:

“Strong consequences will be administered to the individual who committed this act, if that person can be identified. We need everyone’s help with this. Just as we say in other situations, if you see something, say something.”

Racism was also the topic of discussion at a recent PTSA meeting for PCSD.