What’s Next for the Fire Ravaged Historic Corn Hill Property?

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By Spectrum News Staff

The owner of Career Start Workforce Management says watching the company’s former office building in Corn Hill get torn down was heartbreaking. 

The building— which has stood for more than 100 years— was badly damaged during a fire over the weekend.

Owner Lindsay McCutchen says the decision to bring down the building was out of concern for public safety.

Career Start has already found new office space in the Metro CoWork building on East Avenue in Rochester.

McCutchen says she is putting a lot of thought into what to do with the lot on Plymouth Avenue.

“I know that there were concerns that there was going to be a parking lot there, but as the building owner I’m not going to settle for a parking lot,” she said. “We will rebuild something there— although it potentially will not be the Career Start offices because we have to move on— but it will be something tasteful and respectful of the neighborhood and Corn Hill district.”

Career Start employees each took a brick from the demolished building, however nothing else was salvageable.

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