Ginsburg Discusses Supreme Court, Law Career at Kleinhans

Ginsburg Discusses Supreme Court, Law Career at Kleinhans


By Brandon Lewis Buffalo

United States Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg made good on her promise that she would visit Buffalo. She made that promise to her friend, Wayne Wisbaum, a local attorney who passed away last year.

On Monday, she received an honorary degree from the University at Buffalo. Later in the day, she participated in a conversation with the local law community held at Kleinhans Music Hall.

The wide-ranging talk touched on everything from her relationships with other justices to her time in law school.

 “I didn’t know that this day would be proceeded by three weeks of daily radiation, but I said I will not cancel Buffalo,” she said in front of the capacity crowd.

Despite having a cancerous tumor removed from her pancreas Friday, Ginsburg made the trip to the Buffalo and many said she did not disappoint.

“It’s just a privilege to have somebody of her stature come to our community,” said Marianne Mariano of the Bar Association of Erie County.

“This is just great, it’s been an amazing opportunity and it’s a little piece of history so thankful to be here,” said Jennie Tylec of Buffalo.

Stephanie McCance of Buffalo even dressed up as Ginsburg, calling the justice an inspiration.

“I’ve never seen her in person. Honestly I wept a little bit a couple of times,” McCance said. “She’s just so fantastic and really so emblematic of everything that women stand for, everything that we’ve worked for and everything that we’re working towards as well.”

Ginsburg rounded out the more than hour-long talk with what she considers some of the best advice she’s received.

“If you really want to be a lawyer, you will pick yourself up and you will find a way and that advice I’ve used at several turns in my life,” she said.