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A new study on the subject of Black vs. white unemployment is not a new story, reflecting what we have

The few days each month you spend with your heating pad pressed against your stomach are bad enough. But now

A new online registration system will allow patients to buy medical marijuana when it becomes available in January. State health

Source: 5 Online Tutoring Sites You Need to Know About

The disparity in life expectancy between blacks and whites was 15 to 17 years; now the gap is five to

A crime is being committed in my community. The crime is Reckless Endangerment. Who is committing this crime? We are!!

By Adelina Gonzalez   Back in 2004, I came up with an idea–a project that I believe would aid our

  Not too long ago I received a notice on Facebook from my dear friend, Dr. Leonard Brock. He wanted

by Theresa Lou Bowick BSN,RN   Your family history may be one of the greatest infl uences on your risk

    Lauren Silverman For years, one young doctor has been trying to figure out why so few black men

~By: Julie Hutchinson MPA, BSN, RN, Community Health Nurse     There is no greater agony that bearing an untold

  By: James Clingman In war, one of the first things the enemy does is destroy his adversary’s ability to

Did you know that millions of Americans (mostly baby boomers) are living with chronic hepatitis and up to two-thirds may

    How many of us remember the Fresh Prince and DJ Jazzy Jeff ’s song “Parents just don’t understand?”

You can’t change the fact that you have had cancer. But you can change how you live the rest of