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My Brothers are Dying

                                                                               Why, texture of his hair limits access to care, generations no education, lack of means, hate, or, is it what he ate My Brothers are crying,

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My Scars Do Not Define ME

 My scar does not define me, but it is what molded me into who I am today. Here is my story. When I was 15 I started to notice a



By Melanie Funchess My Dear Brothers and Sisters,     Black people, have a rich and diverse history. Our journeys are as varied as the hues of our beautiful skin.


White Privilege: The Marketing of the American Social Class and Education

  by Jamie DiMarco   The initiative behind the current education system is to promote social mobility and equal opportunity. The reality of it, however, seems to detail a more


The Way People Talk About Mental Health Is Crazy | Brandon Marshall

By Brandon Marshall   As a society, we may feel safer by believing the threat of violence can be ascribed to one group of people. Like human nature, however, the


Will Politicians and Police Treat Black Opioid Users with Compassion?

By Nadra Nittle Since Rodrigo Duterte became president of the Philippines last year, he’s faced a worldwide backlash for his deadly approach to the drug epidemic in his country. Under

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Sex Trafficking’s True Victims: Why Are Our Black Girls/Women So Vulnerable?

By Frederick Reese Mimi Crown’s story is like millions of others that have been and are being told across America. At age 21, she was abducted and forced into sexual

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Rochester’s First – Ever Why Did I Get Married Conference

ROCHESTER, NEW YORK (May 2, 2017)–There will be a lot of brides preparing the final touches for their big dayas wedding season approaches, but for folks who are already married

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I was called a faggot by a black person way before I was called a nigger.

by Ahmier I never had the luxury of blending in. My blackness has always been apparent, and because I didn’t act like the other young boys my age, or take

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Lets Chat, Man to Man

  By Tracy L. Williams Not to long ago I received a notice on Facebook from my dear friend, Dr. Leonard Brock. He wanted me to look at some alarming

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Dr. Steve Perry will be on wayofm.org/Our Voice- Talk Radio April 4, 2017

Dr. Steve Perry is one of most sought after educators in America. Widely respected by grassroots community members and internationally renowned leaders, his charismatic and compelling voice is an inspiration.

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Neighborhood Man Receives Praise from Community, LeBron James for Stopping Teen Fight

By Kiersten Willis You’ve likely seen teen Internet fight videos across social media, but you’ve probably never seen one end like this. A clip posted by high school student Jamar


Why We Must Support Our Own Businesses

  ~ By David A. Anderson/Sankofa   Sister Diane Sheffield said it: “We must support our own businesses.” Now, the sister knows some things, so let’s pay attention. Used to

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George Washington Carver

Scientist and Educator (1864-1943) George Washington Carver was a renowned educator and inventor who devoted his life to improving the lives of others. He taught: “When you do the common

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‘I Am Not Your Negro’ and the Limits of White Imagination

Has cinema become the de facto leader of the Black community? It would certainly seem so. After watching months of the new president entertain a Black “Celebrity Apprentice,” litany of