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THE BEAUTIFUL INTIMACY: A Tribute to Anthony Bourdain

What if Anthony Bourdain killed himself because he loved life too much? Bourdain was a man who worked more than 200 days a year on the road. He visited the

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Brings Dairy-Free Frozen Dessert Inspiration to Vegan Fest at Weavers Way Co-Op in Ambler June 23rd

    Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: The call has gone out for the season’s “must attend” event for vegans or those who just want to be one, for Vegan Fest at Weavers

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Know Your Girls Campaign

Breast Cancer Risk Education | Ad Council Some knowledge belongs to us and us alone. The way our girlfriends walk, the way they talk, the way they touch their hair.


Policies Targeting Refugees are Un-American

    Try to envision the world of modern art if Piet Mondrian, the Dutch painter and WWII refugee, had been denied entry to New York City in 1940, or


20 Local Projects Awarded First Grants from  Ralph C. Wilson, Jr. Legacy Fund for Youth Sports 

           Rochester Area Community Foundation is awarding $329,000 in grants to 20 local youth sports and recreation programs from the Ralph C. Wilson, Jr. Legacy Fund for Youth Sports.   The grants range


“Soul Sista”…

      By OV Staff   Something Just for You!   ‘Soul Sista’


What do the Starbucks in Philadelphia and Highland Hospital Have in Common?

  By Gloria A. Morgan, Ed.D. As I convalesce at home, I’m catching up on my reading. I read an April 12 editorial by the Democrat and Chronicle’s Editorial Board. It related to


To End Structural Racism, African History Must be Taught

    Where did science, mathematics, philosophy, and religion begin? Where were the first instruments made? Where was medicine pioneered? Where did farming and agriculture start?  Where were the first


Excellus Blue Cross Blue Shield has you covered

    Joseph Searles, the Corporate Director of Diversity & Workforce Inclusion If the health care industry is an economic engine for upstate New York, then Excellus BlueCross BlueShield provides


Crack + Lead = Crime?

  Sometimes, I ask myself… why do we have so many young people committing violent crimes here in Rochester? Is it due to lack of structure, lack of parenting(Parent(s) that


A Purpose for Scars

By Cheryl A. Scott I had no idea that on June 20, 2016, my life would change. After relocating to Charlotte, North Carolina, I sought out new medical professionals. In addition to a


Larry Nassar and the Myths of Violence

    By George Payne     I despise what Dr. Larry Nassar did to those young women. It should not matter that many of them were exceptional at gymnastics,



Pushed around in the schoolyard Made to play alone Forced into circles, because of my skin tone But mama says pray People always dyin Everybody’s cryin Afraid of the unknown

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You Can Start a Revolution

For years I woke up every day and looked in the mirror. I used to hate everything that stared back at me. From my overweight body to my hair to


Lynching In Our Own Community

  By Kenny F. Jean   I do not know where to start. Sitting back, and watching what is happening to a profound brother(Dr.Umar Johnson) that honestly cares about Our