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Why Black Youth Need Positive Black Images

Anti-black bias is still prevalent in our society, particularly in mainstream media. Parents can counter the negative effects of this social ill by exposing their children to positive representations of

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Charter Schools: Lack of Oversight and Accountability

By David Love Harlem Success Academy 5   This comes as the Black Lives Matter movement weighs in on the issue of education. The Movement for Black Lives issued a

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Black Lynching Victims: Memorial Opens Next Year in Montgomery

By David Love Finally, the U.S. will have a memorial to lynching, the dreaded, horrific and quintessentially American institution rooted in racial violence and terrorism.  The Equal Justice Initiative, the


Black People Seen as More ‘Attractive’…..

By Tanasia Kenney A new study has revealed that beauty may actually be in the ear of the beholder, rather than the eye. A recent analysis by researcher Robert L.

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Serena Williams Takes on Body Shamers, Realizes Her Inspiration to Young Girls in New Interview

by Kiersten Willis Serena Williams knows there are haters. And she’s giving them more fodder in a skin-baring, new photo shoot. The tennis pro is seen along the beach donning

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Is it Time for Black People to Reconsider a Black Nation Within a Nation and Armed Self-Defense?

by David Love In light of the racial violence facing African-Americans — as was most recently seen in the killing of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile by police officers in

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‘Brilliant’ Black Boy Book by Teen Author Scores Support From Hollywood Elite

Posted by Kiersten Willis A new children’s book dedicated to Black boys is making big waves among top male celebrities. Titled I’m A Brilliant Little Black Boy! the book was written by

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Serena Williams Slays New Magazine Cover, ‘Super Influenced’ by Black People Who Paved the Way

Posted by Kiersten Willis Serena Williams stuns in her latest magazine cover. The 34-year-old tennis champion boasts her toned arms and legs in a bold white body suit, but the

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World’s Oldest Person Reveals Her Secret to a Long Life

Posted by Tamiya King The world’s oldest person is currently 116 years old. She wakes up each morning and has a breakfast that consists of grits, bacon and eggs. One

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Diabetes Drug That Seems to Prevent Heart Failure

by Ziba Kashef For the first time scientists have shown that a type 2 diabetes drug significantly reduces hospitalizations and death from heart failure—and may even prevent them. #Many people

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President Obama’s final State of the Union address

The White House is once again making the full text of the State of the Union available online ahead of the speech, as prepared for delivery, continuing efforts to meet

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Nigerian Comics Startup is Creating African Superheroes

Posted by Jasmine Nelson Comic Republic, a Nigerian comics startup based in Lagos, is creating a universe of superheroes for Africans and black readers around the world. The cast of

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Actor Sean Penn Interviewed Mexican Drug Kingpin ‘El Chapo’

A shocking interview has come to light. Just days after Joaquin ‘El Chapo’ Guzman was captured Rolling Stone is reporting actor Sean Penn met with the escaped prisoner for a

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Dramatic Photos Capture Moment Gunman Allegedly Tried to ‘Execute’ Philadelphia Police Officer

By EMILY SHAPIRO Jan 8, 2016, 11:03 AM ET Obtained by ABC News Chilling images show the moment a gunman approached a Philadelphia police officer in his police car and

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Offensive Starbucks Display Lands Starbucks in Hot Water with Black Actress

Actress Thandie Newton went out to get coffee and came across a statue of a Black child dressed in a loin cloth and wearing a safari hat at a central