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Being there for a Friend With Cancer

By Kenny F. Jean If your loved one has been diagnosed with cancer, you may wonder, how best can you support him or her. You may feel overwhelmed and unprepared;

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Damian Marley Converts California Prison to Open Medicinal Marijuana Farm

 By Web Staff Damian Marley has found a way to get richer and also send a strong message to the government by opening a marijuana dispensary at a old prison


The PMS Diet

Premenstrual syndrome is such a regular occurrence for many women that they consider it a normal part of getting their period. The Mayo Clinic estimates about 75 percent of women

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Talcum Powder Pushed on Black Women

Johnson & Johnson Reportedly Pushed Talcum Powder on Black Women After White Women Cease Use Due to Cancer Risk By Tanasia Kenney For most women, it’s a normal part of


Seniors Living Solo Rate Health ‘Very Good’

People over 65 who live alone were more likely to describe their health as excellent or very good than were seniors who live with others, according to a study exploring

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15 Best Foods to Feed Your Vagina

Ladies, a healthy, feel-good, orgasm-rich vagina, starts with your diet. This healthy diet allows your vagina to be sensitive when it needs to be and be healthy inside and out for

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Will Obamacare survive as insurers pull out?

If three of the nation’s largest insurers can’t make it on the Obamacare exchanges, can anyone? That’s the question hanging over President Obama’s signature health reform law less than three

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RESPECT: Rick Ross Loses So Much Weight He Saved His Own Life!

By Forest Parks   Rick Ross was a BIIIIIG man! Not only his mental presence but his size! While his personality can still fill a room the man himself is


Metabolic Syndrome Risk Factors Rise as Menopause Approaches

The severity of risk factors for heart disease, diabetes and stroke appears to increase more rapidly in the years leading up to menopause—especially among African-American women, according to a new


Can Moderate Exercise Lower Heart Disease Risk?

Women younger than age 50 who do moderate physical activity can lower their risk of coronary heart disease, according to a new study. Among women ages 27 to 44 at


Seniors, Want to Live Longer? Pump Some Iron!

By BMH Staff Those who strength trained twice a week had a 46 percent lower risk of death Older adults who strength trained at least twice a week had 46


How Race Affects Stroke Care

When it comes to stroke care, minorities may be less likely than their white counterparts to receive life-saving measures, such as clot-busting therapy or procedures to unclog arteries in the

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Serena Williams Takes on Body Shamers, Realizes Her Inspiration to Young Girls in New Interview

by Kiersten Willis Serena Williams knows there are haters. And she’s giving them more fodder in a skin-baring, new photo shoot. The tennis pro is seen along the beach donning

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Obesity Rates Still Rising Among U.S. Kids

Obesity rates in children in the United States—which began their ascent nearly three decades ago—continue to rise unchecked, with the largest increases in severe obesity, a new study warns. “Despite


Polycystic Ovary Syndrome: What You Should Know

Polycystic ovary syndrome, also known as polycystic ovarian syndrome, is a common health problem caused by an imbalance of reproductive hormones. The hormonal imbalance creates problems in the ovaries. The