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Three Simple Lifesaving Strategies for Good Health | Ellington

The disparity in life expectancy between blacks and whites was 15 to 17 years; now the gap is five to eight years. But that’s still a significant gap. Source: Three

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Family’s Health History

by Theresa Lou Bowick BSN,RN   Your family history may be one of the greatest infl uences on your risk of developing chronic health problems like heart disease, stroke, diabetes,

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Where Are All the Black Male Doctors? | Ellington

    Lauren Silverman For years, one young doctor has been trying to figure out why so few black men go into medicine. His conclusion: The lack of role models.


Your Mouth, Your Health

BHM Edit Staff , You can tell a lot about your health through your mouth. You can learn a lot about your health from your mouth. #Gum disease and diabetes

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Live Long and Prosper – Health, Wellness and Long Life. Is it Achievable for African Americans?

~By: Julie Hutchinson MPA, BSN, RN, Community Health Nurse     There is no greater agony that bearing an untold story inside of you. – Dr. Maya Angelou As a

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Reaching Out to Minorities During Hepatitis Awareness Month | Ellington

Did you know that millions of Americans (mostly baby boomers) are living with chronic hepatitis and up to two-thirds may not even know they are infected? Source: Reaching Out to

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After Prostate Cancer Treatment | Ellington

You can’t change the fact that you have had cancer. But you can change how you live the rest of your life, and that starts with making choices to help


Med. marijuana concerns ahead of deadline

Rochester, N.Y. – Medical marijuana grown in Rochester will be ready January 5, yet there are questions whether eligible patients will be able to get it. “We haven’t figured it

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Fidelis Care to Open Rochester Community Office – Yahoo Finance

 Residents Invited to Join Grand Opening Celebration   ROCHESTER, NY–(Marketwired – October 16, 2015) – Fidelis Care, a Statewide health plan with over 1.3 million members, invites the public to


Trillium Health Gives Hope

By Kenny F. Jean James Quinn is a man who did not have a strong regard for those in the medical field. As a matter of fact, he was not