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Rochester, we are sorry for inconveniencing you. Our Voice-The Magazine is no longer in circulation to the public. You can subscribe, and have a hard copy delivered to your home or office anytime.


We pride ourselves on giving you the best quality printed magazine for the last four years. As the digital age takes over, OVTM will ride this new wave. OVTM decided to “Go Green” realizing that print will not be as prevalent as it once was and to keep our environment clean. Print will never die, however, being mindful of our environment, we made the decision that we will not print in massive quantities, but focus on the digital arena. Going digital gives us a broader reach to our clients, customers, and consumers much faster than ever before.

OVTM will still stand on its principles and morals it started with. Our community is growing and we as media professionals must keep up with the pace, and stay relevant.


Thank you for your support over the years. We will never give up on you OUR community. So, don’t you give up on US!



Please feel free to call us at (585) 328-9279. Thank you for reading Our Voice- The Magazine. We really do appreciate the support from the community.



Thank You to You All!