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Greetings and Blessings To All,

I want to start by saying, Thank you GOD for allowing and giving me another year to prove my worthiness to you.

The Our Voice- The Magazine Team hope you had a good winter and now we are in spring! We partnered up with the City Of
Rochester Recreational Center (David Gantt Rec Ctr) and came up with our “Youth Edition”(4th year). Our youth engaged in
learning to express themselves through writing, art and creative thinking. It is always a great pleasure working with Our Youth. Our young peole never seems to amaze me! When you give kids an opportunity to be themselves… they become very creative. If you give a child a pen and a pad, they can… if comfortable will write a whole book! Our Voice strives to ignite youth  involvement in the community with its innovative design and creative cultural content that will expose them to the history of the neighborhood and excite them to participate in its future.


Thank you and GOD bless you and your family.


Kenny F. Jean, Publisher
“We will not be extinct as a race.” ~KFJ
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 Sept. 2012 Rochester, NY (My Haitian-American experience in America Interview)