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Greetings and Blessings To All,


I want to start by saying, Thank you GOD for allowing and giving me another year to prove my worthiness to you. Well well well, we have ended a year, and walked into a new one. I am grateful and appreciative of entering a new season with a new mindset. Last year was quite a year for me and many others. Throughout 2017… was a year of learning, teaching, and understanding who I am. For the friendships I made has been a blessing, and for the ones I had to let go, my journey begins. Sometimes in life, you realize, where you are going… and not everyone is suppose to be on that journey with you. Life is like a train. People get on, and ride the train for a moment and get off, and some people ride it all the way to the end. Because, some will not ride with you all the way to the end, does not mean, they are not worthy. Just means, their time is up.  Does not mean that friendships are over… just means you are growing. Everyone have a Happy and prosperous New Year!


Thank you and GOD bless you and your family.


Kenny F. Jean, Publisher
“We will not be extinct as a race.” ~KFJ
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 Sept. 2012 Rochester, NY (My Haitian-American experience in America Interview)