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Greetings and Blessings Rochester and Abroad!

First, I want to start by acknowledging and thanking GOD for all that He has done for me
and “The Vision.” I thank Him for everything and for all those that He has placed in my
path–especially My Beautiful Friend Marietta G. Avery. May You truly rest In peace. I extend
my heartfelt appreciation to all who have collaborated with OVTM.

This issue is to represent the Men of the Roc. We are always recognizing the women for their
accomplishments, which is well and very deserving. Now, it’s a must that the community
sees that we do have Real Men who hold down the fort with family, jobs, and have a sincere
concern for our community.

The Roc needs fresh young thinkers with new ideas and new visions who are not afraid to stand in the line of fire. We need change, and I am calling out our generation (mine) to stand up with Our Voice and join together to start a movement to make what is invisible visible. Let our voice be heard. To all young leaders, men and women, let’s not wait to get permission to attack and remedy the core problems that affect and
threaten the survival and progress of African Americans–Please!! I invite you to enjoy this issue as we honor and recognize the efforts of men and fathers in the Roc. Matters related to money, music, sports, sons, and fathers are the focus of the
material you will read.

Share this issue with others and be sure to visit us on our website and
follow us on Twitter and Facebook. Needless to say, there is a lot going on in these pages.

So, I hope you enjoy….

Thank you and GOD bless you and your family.

Kenny F. Jean, Publisher
“We will not be extinct as a race.” ~KFJ
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Twitter: @Ourvoice9



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