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Hello Rochester and Abroad,

This letter is to My Mummy. She met the world to Me….

Dear Mummy,

I love you and miss you so much. It’s been seven years(7) this August since you’ve been gone from me. I can still feel your powerful presence in my life. I could always depend on you to give me valuable insight on life, business, relationships, and uplifting words of encouragement, as well as a good laugh or two. Those talks would always be the highlight of my day.

Every time I think about you, I get emotional. I can’t help but think of how strong you were, and how you raised four kids on your own and never complained. I always hear people say how great their mother is or was, but your contributions to our family made our life together a much better place. You came from Haiti not knowing how to speak English and learned the American language and made a life for your kids. You were the anchor of our family. You raised one girl and three boys by yourself. With three boys full of testosterone, you ruled the household with an iron fist. We all knew who was in charge. It was your combination of common sense, compassion, caring, and tough love that kept us in check. It was you who instilled in your kids the confidence to view the world as one of limitless opportunities and the belief that through education, preparation, and hard work, we could achieve any goal our hearts desire.

Through your words and examples, you have given me so many lessons about life, business, and how to be a man’s man (always keep your head up high and shoulders back). You taught me the value of having a true life by treating people the way I would want people to treat me. I was fortunate enough to witness what a strong woman is. Watched and learned how a real woman carries herself with dignity, respect, and self-worth.

You played many roles like many single mothers out here do. You had to be mother, dad, friend, and protector. Through it all, you were still my Mummy, our disciplinarian, our teacher. You taught us to earn everything we deserve. They are no shortcuts in life. Only the right way or the wrong way. You once told me if I took the correct path in life, avoiding empty glasses and had a willingness to be patient, then I would be a more enriched person. You were so right. I know you are smiling down on my path and want you and GOD to keep guiding my footsteps. GOD, keep blessing my vision so that I can unite this community and abroad. Thank you. I am Proud to be from Immigrants!


To the LOVE OF MY LIFE, Eugenie Telasco, I love you.

My Number #1 Immigrant

Needless to say, there is a lot going on in these pages. So, I hope you enjoy…..
Thank you and God Bless you and your family.


Your Baby Boy,

Kenny F. Jean,

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Twitter: @Ourvoice9

Thank you and GOD bless you and your family.


“We will not be extinct as a race.” ~KFJ


 Sept. 2012 Rochester, NY (My Haitian-American experience in America Interview)