Our Voice – The Magazine website was established as a portal to information and articles that have been published in Our Voice – The Magazine about our Community, Education, Finance, Health and Wellness, Real Estate, Life-affirming leisure activities. All ads appear on every page of the site, so each time a person visits any one of our pages, they see your ad.



Size:  728 pixels wide by 90 pixels high 
Top of each web page – limited to one ad

Banner Ads Size: 300 pixels wide by 250 pixels high 
Bottom of each web page. Ads prepaid for one year or longer are situated near the top of the banner ad sections; shorter-term ads are situated closer to the bottom

Tile Ads 
Size: 120 pixels wide by 120 pixels high
Format: JPG or GIF
Location: Tile ads appear under the navigation bar along the left side of each page

Wide Sky Scraper

Size: 150 pixels wide by 600 pixels high

Format: JPG or GIF

Location: Sky Scraper ads appear under the right(widget) side of each page

600 x 300 pixels
1- We can guarantee an average of 5,000-10,000 visits to your listing.
2- We can guarantee your profile will be shared on social media by users- Facebook, Twitter, etc.
3- We can guarantee your search engine results will rise on Google, Yahoo, etc.
4- We can guarantee to reach your demographics
5- We can guarantee to target your geographical region.
1- Traffic: In 2018 we will traffic 3.3 million unique visitors, 18 million unique pageviews and 45 million hits.
2- Social Media: We have over 40,000 followers. Social media Klout Score 62-65 at the top .01% on the internet.
3- Search Engine Ranking: We are a PR7 ranking with Google.
4- Demographics: We cover every major and minor demographic in education.
5- Geographics: We pull traffic from every township, county and city in the U.S. Our expanding worldwide focus brings over 180 countries per month.

Payment Policies
Prepayment is required for all advertising. U.S advertisers pay in U.S. funds; Canadian and other advertisers pay in Canadian funds. Canadian advertisers pay GST/HST a (R#118403385). We invoice electronically and you can pay online using American Express, VISA, MasterCard, or debit. Ads will be uploaded within 24 hours of receipt of payment or on a date that you specify.

Production Charges

If you are not able to send an Internet-ready ad, our production charge starts at $75 per ad (plus HST/GST in Canada). Please note that all new ad creation as well as any changes to existing ads will be billed at this rate.

Preparing and Sending Your Ad
All advertising must be approved by the Publisher. Don’t forget to send us the URL to which you want the ad pointed. (You can save space in the ad by leaving the URL out of the copy.

Send all inquiries/artwork to kjean@1ourvoicemag.com