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Our Voice – The Magazine offers a distinct marketing opportunity for our elite partners looking to enhance brand recognition and increase market share through an exclusive targeted message Partners can hone in on our audience to showcase exclusive products and services tailored specifically to our demographic.


Our Voice- Mission is to inform, inspire, and engage individuals and grassroots organizations in becoming a significant cultural force by delivering passionate, creative and informative coverage to the Rochester community. With an ALL NEW ALL DIGITAL platform, it gives your message a greater reach so you can more easily grow your business. When you consider how well digital advertising complements your other advertising along with social media, it can be the missing link your business has needed all along to be successful.


Our Voice- Goal Deliver, through in-depth features, community discourse, beneficial health topics, extensive art and cultural coverage, positive affirmations, comprehensive event listings, and charitable causes. Our Voice- The Magazine gives its readers defined and diverse sections in which to explore and embrace their neighborhood, city and state.


Our Voice strives to ignite youth involvement in the community with its innovative design and creative cultural content that will expose them to the history of the neighborhood and excite them to participate in its future.