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Publisher– L.Y.F.E. Multimedia Group

Founder/Editor-In-Chief–  Kenny F. Jean


Dr. Gloria A. Morgan is Director of Academic Affairs at the REOC and is involved in matters related to education

Managing Editor– Dr. Gloria A. Morgan


Managing Director– Marietta G. Avery (IN SPIRIT)

Executive Virtual Assistant– Rhonda L. Austin

Aria Virtual Consulting


Creative Director – Kenny F. Jean


Art Director– Classon Creative Design Studios


Advertising- Kenny F. Jean



Marketing– Anderson Marketing Firm(Dallas, Texas)



Contributing Writers


Kenny F. Jean


Regina Geames



Brianna Milon– College of Brockport senior (Intern)



George Cassidy Payne



CaTyra Polland



Yolanda Clark



Contributing Photographers   

D.E. Burt Photography

L.Y.F.E. Multimedia Group




Website Editor– L.Y.F.E. Multimedia Group


Website Designer & Manager- Kenny F. Jean & Classon Creative


Social Media- L.Y.F.E. Multimedia Group



Board of Advisors

Donna Anderson- Youth/Ministry Counselor

Marietta G. Avery- General Manager/ WDKX  (IN SPIRIT)

Gloria A. Morgan- Director of Academics/ Rochester Educational Opportunity Center(REOC)

Tyrone “Ty” Kelly- Director of Youth Programs/ Wegmans Food Market

Charles Robinson – Managing Partner/ Classon Creative



Employment Resources:

City Of Rochester Jobs: http://cityofrochester.gov/jobs/

Police Prep Workshops: http://cityofrochester.gov/article.aspx?id=8589940316

Summer of Opportunity Program: http://cityofrochester.gov/article.aspx?id=8589941722

Youth Training Academy: http://cityofrochester.gov/article.aspx?id=8589938028

PRIME (Job incentive Program: http://cityofrochester.gov/article.aspx?id=8589937933

Internship Opportunities: http://cityofrochester.gov/article.aspx?id=8589936058

Employment Forms: http://cityofrochester.gov/article.aspx?id=8589935785

Monroe County Employment: https://www.monroecounty.gov/hrapply

Monroe County Civil Service Scores: http://www.monroecounty.gov/mccs/lists

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